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Re: Best way to wrap gcc/g++ calls?

* Julien Danjou [Sat, 01 Jan 2005 15:22:16 +0100]:

> Do you have any idea about how to divert everything correctly ?
> I think I could provide a gcc-apt-build package which would do the job
> by replacing the gcc one and diverting some files, but I am bot happy
> with this solution.

> So, I am waiting for suggestions,

  I wouldn't mess with the real /usr/bin/* binaries/symlinks, and would
  do something similar to what ccache does. have a look at /usr/lib/ccache.
  (so, apt-build would prepend /usr/lib/apt-build or similar to the PATH.)

  perhaps this has other drawbacks I can't think of, and must add that
  I'm completely unfamiliar with how apt-build works. but perhaps the
  above helps.


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