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Re: remove me from call*wave

Scripsit Henning Makholm <henning@makholm.net>

> What _I_ want to reply with is a polite enquiry to find out where he
> picked up the idea that debian-devel was an appropriate address to
> write to.

> In fact, I think I'll just do so.

But all I got for my efforts was:

| This email address is protected by EarthLink spamBlocker.  Your
| email message has been redirected to a "suspect email" folder for
| jmbedell@earthlink.net. In order for your message to be
| moved to this recipient's Inbox, he or she must add your email
| address to a list of allowed senders.
| Click the link below to request that jmbedell@earthlink.net add you to
| this list.
| https://webmail.pas.earthlink.net/wam/addme?a=jmbedell@earthlink.net&id=1cK0Pt7hz3NZFmQ0

Well, that at least explains why he may be getting no response from
c*llw*ve's real customer support.

Henning Makholm            "Vi skal nok ikke begynde at undervise hinanden i
                    den store regnekunst her, men jeg vil foreslå, at vi fra
             Kulturministeriets side sørger for at fremsende tallene og også
          give en beskrivelse af, hvordan man læser tallene. Tak for i dag!"

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