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Re: Article about apt-build

On Saturday 25 December 2004 20:45, Chasecreek Systemhouse wrote:
> :)  Overall I like apt-build and will prolly enjoy it more as I get
> more away from using /usr/local and trying to stay within Debians
> main-stream system configuration...

You can also try sbuild, apt-src, pbuilder and apt-fu (still unofficial) from 
deb & deb-src http://des.petta-tech.bogomips.org/~eric/apt-fu/ ./

It would be good if these join forces with each other, or maybe it would 
not ;-)

the information found in that article along with some short examples about 
apt-build is tried to be documentaed in bulgarian:
(sorry, not translated in english ;-)

Happy holidays to all of you.

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