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Re: Fwd: Debian installer: partman-prep

On Wed, Dec 22, 2004 at 01:40:20PM +0100, Cajus Pollmeier wrote:
> I've prepared a partman-prep package which should add support for PPC 
> PReP boot partitions to the installer. The package has been forked from 
> partman-palo. Now, short before testing, I'm wondering about the mechanism
> which takes care about loading this module.
> I've grep'ed through the complete installer source, but got stuck in 
> the partman code. So - what do I have to do, that the partman-prep udeb gets
> loaded on installation time?

Same as partman-newworld: Priority: standard is enough to have it
installed automatically. Make sure to use proper Architecture: and
XB-Subarchitecture: fields to make sure it's not installed where it's
inappropriate, and if necessary an isinstallable file in the control

Colin Watson                                       [cjwatson@debian.org]

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