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udev upgrade should kill running udevd


I'm not sure it this a bug in udev or not, so I decided just to write this 
message instead of reporting bug against udev.

I've just spent an hour or two trying to find out why udev stopped working 
for me. The symptom was: I inserted an usb mass-storage device, but no 
entries in /dev got created. In past it worked, but probably udev package 
was upgraded since then (without reboot).

After some exploration I found that the reason of failure was running udevd 
(started on Dec 2 - definitly before last udev package upgrade). Killing 
that one solved the situation: next time device was inserted, a new 
instance of udevd was started that created all /dev entries as expected.

So probably upgrade procedure should kill any stale udevd process?

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