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Re: Do you want XFree86 working out of the box?

[Bruce Perens]
> So, I did this a few days ago, and ddcprobe was not in any Debian 
> package.

This is not a fatal problem.  xdebconfigurator will use all the hw
detection tools available.  ddcprobe was available in woody from the
kudzu-vesa package, but is missing in sid/sarge (bug #284884).  It
will use the info from read-edid instead.  Ubuntu made a new package
xresprobe including ddcprobe.  I hope someone will make it available
in Debian soon.  But as I said, the lack of ddcprobe is not a fatal

> Also, it got the mouse as /dev/input rather than /dev/input/mouse,
> and the resulting X configuration didn't work. It would be really
> nice if it worked.

This problem was fixed in v1.13.  As I said, try version 1.14.

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