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Re: Re: LCC and blobs

Goswin von Brederlow writes:
> Because the former works after installing the deb without the user
> ever doing anything about firmware. How do you even know there is
> firmware? Maybe it is all hardcoded into the chip? Without taking the
> hardware apart you can't know. Call me ignorant but what I don't see
> does not exist describes perfectly how it should be treated.

> In the later case the user actively has to download the firmware from
> somewhere and add it to his system. The extra files taints his
> filesystems and makes it less free. For example you can't just make a
> live CD out of it anymore because the non-free firmware file makes it
> not DFSG free.

Not free in what sense?
What can the user not do, that he can do if the firmware was already on the device?

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