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Re: Linux Core Consortium


Wichmann, Mats D wrote:

My experience as a developer who's tried to write
an app to use the LSB (only the init script interface)
is that it's poorly enough specified and/or implemented
divergently within the spec to the point that I had to
test my implementation on every LSB distriution I
wanted to support, and might as well have written
distro-specific code in the first place.
Unfortunally, some distributions don't seem to be willing to do more than the minimal changes to adhere to the LSB. I did some patches for RedHat - and the bugreport is still open (I don't know whether the patches still work). SUSE seems to try hardest to be LSB complient and Debian was rather quick to implement my requests. I had no access to other distributions.

Unfortunately, while we got spec contribution in this
area, we didn't get matching code contributions: tests
OR sample implementation.

(I think I'm ment with regards to the first two points.) Regarding the latter, SUSE's implementation should completely fullfil the LSB requirements (tough the init-functions may be a bit SUSE centric) whereas Debian's system is also quite ok. (Though start-stop-damon doesn't find out that my PERL script damon is running...)

I agree with Mats that the best way to enforce init script support are test cases. Unfortunally, I ended up doing not much more than writing the http://www.physik.fu-berlin.de/~tburnus/lsb/LSB-SYSINIT-TS_SPEC_V1.0. Now - one year later - I really should continue the work I started!



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