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dpkg-checkbuilddeps ready for first impressions and future development

Packages: dpkg-cross
Version: 1.20.4 (CVS)
Severity: wishlist

Hi Nikita,

here is my proposal for dpkg-checkbuilddeps implementation.

Some words on the implementation. Package names are converted
depending on their Section they belongs to. Sections libs and
libsdevel are converted by default. Also packages which Section
can not be determined are -arch-cross converted.
All other packages are kept als they are. You can override this
behaviour by extend the "crossdeps" configuration variable in
"cross-compile" configuration file. All packages listed in
"crossdeps" are converted too independing on their section.

Due to the early stage of implementation and missing feedback
dpkg-checkbuilddeps is disabled by default. Everybody who
intent to contribute or test the implementation have to set
"checkbuilddeps=1" within cross-compile configuration file.
The patch does not disturb the current implementaion!

This patch contain some changes on ARCH and introduces
DPKGCROSSARCH as new environment variable. This is
required because dpkg-checkbuilddeps is not called
wihtin a Makefile so MAKEFLAGS are not active.

I've also decieded to use DPKGCROSSARCH in the future to
determine if the dpkg-cross environment is running instead
of ARCH which is unset-eable (and should be!). ARCH is too
simple and worldwide used name ;)

Raphael Bossek

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