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Re: Bug#285681: ITP: libxbox-dev -- Libxbox-dev provides the headers for libxbox0 and the libxbox.so symlink

On Tue, Dec 14, 2004 at 11:49:55PM +0000, David Pye wrote:
> Ah. So that's what I did wrong, maybe.
> The two packages build from the same source.  Does that mean a single ITP is 
> necessary?  I have not raised ITPs before, so was not sure exactly.

That's it.  With a few rare exceptions (that don't apply here), we file
exactly one ITP per source.

> One question this raises in my mind:
> suppose I have a single source tar.gz, that I want to build into four debian 
> binary packages, with different names (obviously).  If this should require 
> only one ITP, which package name should the ITP be made for?

Debian source packages also have a name.  We normaly use that for the ITP.
For simple 1:1 packages the source name is usualy the same as the binary name,
but that's absolutely not a requisite.

For example, the "xfree86" source package provides a gazillon of binary
packages but there's no "xfree86" binary package as such (And soon won't be
any "xfree86" at all anyway ;).

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