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Re: Right Way to make a configuration package

[Goswin von Brederlow]
> Actually that is forbidden by policy. A package may not change
> another packages conffiles.

Actually, the policy forbids the _maintainer scripts_ of a package to
change another packages conffiles.  It does not forbid a script in a
package to change another packages conffiles.

I'm not saying it is smart to change packages conffiles using a script
in another package.  It isn't.  But as far as I know it isn't
forbidden by policy. :)

> If that can be overlooked for a package which sole purpose is to
> overwrite configuration for other packages is a question you have to
> ask yourself.

It can be done if the package A only provide the means to do it, and
don't overwrite the configuration of package B when package A is
installed.  Providing a base-config fragment to be executed during
first install is a common way to do it.

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