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Re: Are BLOBs source code?

Goswin von Brederlow wrote: (and it really was him this time -- sorry about 
last time; hand-quoting is tricky stuff):
>Is the pseudo source file enough for BSD or Artistic license?

It's enough for BSD.  (Which doesn't actually require source.)

>On the same subject but going in a totally different direction:
>As you say many blobs have been identified as code. Having pseudo
>source files under a free license would give everyone the right to
>disassemble the code. Reverese engeneering of the firmware would be
>allowed. Allowing pseudo source might be benefitial because it alows

Yes. BSD-licensed BLOBs could be legally disassembled, decompiled, cleaned up, 
commented, improved, and the result could be Free.

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