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Re: info

Hi there!

* Sucha Lohtia <lohtia@t-online.de> [041213 10:50]:

>                                             gut morgen.
> ich suche  eine software programme name ist FEDORA CORE 3 (Punjabi sprache)
>  wenn sie haben bitte sagen sie mir.

First you should know, that this is an english mailing-list.  Second you
should know, that it is .. quite uncommon to ask for Fedora on a Debian
mailing-list, and last not least you should learn, that it's quite
usefull to use a search engine, before asking questions like this.
Google for "Fedora Core 3" results in great hits.

Yours sincerely,

PS:  To get back to topic:  You might want to try the new Debian
release, get the new installer from

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