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Re: Are BLOBs source code?

[MFT: set to -legal, since this is kind of OT for -devel]

On Sun, 12 Dec 2004, Andreas Barth wrote:
> Why should elf-aggregation always mean to be part of a derived code,
> and fs-level aggregation mean that not?

The absence of a trivial method to separate the driver from the other
part and the fact that the separated bits would not function without
further work indicates that you no longer have mere aggregation.

Where exactly the line between a derived work and mere aggregation
exists is a grey area, of course. But whenever reasonable, we should
assume that a derived work in fact exists, as this is the conservative
path. Let those with high powered council and a willingness to enter
into battle with the copyright holders do otherwise if they wish.

Don Armstrong

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