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Re: add Date: field to Packages files

On Sat, 11 Dec 2004, Dan Jacobson wrote:

> Say, perhaps a "Date:" field could be added to Packages files.
> I mean even dog food has the date stamped on it these days.
> Even my crumby message has a Date: field.
> Sure, as your eyes scan the MD5sum: field, the package's DNA is
> registered in your brain. But us old fashioned types would still like
> a Date: field.
> > Well Jacobson, the date can be clearly seen at http://.../pool/n/norbowitz
> But Mom said no more searching the web for dates, so now I'm offline.

Even offline, files have time stamps in most modern filesystems out there.
Just remember to keep it when you download the Packages files, as it's
usually as available as the file itself.

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