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Call for papers embedded track Fosdem 2005 (26-27 feb, Brussels)

Hello all,

At the start of next year FOSDEM, the most important Belgian Free
Software event will be back again. As on the previous occasions there
will also be an embedded track, for which we are looking for speakers.
All the necessary info can be found in the following call for papers.
Feel free to distribute, and tell other people about it.

26 - 27 February 2005, Brussels

Call for papers

The 2005 edition of FOSDEM (Free and Open Source Developers' European
Meeting; http://www.fosdem.org) will take place in Brussels, Belgium 
on 26 and 27 February 2005. For the third time, a track on Embedded 
Systems and Operating Systems will be organized. The second edition 
was quite succesful and attracted up to 150 attendants for certain

For last year's program see: 

The use of Free Software in the infrastructure of embedded systems 
is booming, e.g. by the use of Linux, uClinux, eCos, RedBoot, RTEMS 
and many other Free Software components. More companies are supporting
embedded Free Software each day because of the reliability and cheap

Operating system development has always been a very important topic in
Free Software. 
As embedded and real-time systems typically have special OS
requirements, we 
organise this Free Embedded and OS development track at FOSDEM.

This track provides a remarkable opportunity to present and
discuss the ongoing work in these areas, and we invite developers to 
present their current projects. Technical topics of the conference 
include but are not limited to :

* OS Development : kernel architecture and implementation, libraries
  (e.g. Linux, BSD, uClinux, uClibc, newlib, ...)

* Practical experiences in implementing Free Software in embedded
  (e.g. reverse engineering, porting  too (and adapting of) commercial
   (IPAQ, Linksys WRT54G,...), ...)

* Toolchain and build environment 
  (e.g. crosstool, emdebian, openembedded, PTX dist, packaging,
scratchbox, Eclipse, Valgrind,...)

* GUIs for embedded systems
  (Gtk, Qt-(embedded), GPE, Qtopia, UI design with touchscreen, ...)

* Multimedia applications for embedded systems
  (e.g. integer-only decoders, Opieplayer, ... )

* Real-time extensions, nanokernels and hardware virtualization software
  (e.g. RTAI, Adeos, KURT, L4, Qemu, User Mode Linux, ...)
* Hard real-time OS's
  (eCos, RTEMS, ...)

* Open hardware and softcores
  (e.g opencores.org, OpenRISC, LEON SPARC, FPGA's, specific design
restrictions for free systems...)

* Safety and security certifications applied to Free software
   (e.g. security measures in Embedded systems, SSL libraries, ...)

* Free software licenses and embedded systems

Authors are requested to submit their abstracts online to
embedded@fosdem.org before 3/1/2005. Notification of receipt 
will be sent within 48 hours. Authors wishing to submit a full
paper (between 6 and 12 A4 pages), can do so in PS or PDF format.

The program committee will evaluate the abstracts and consists of:

* Herman Bruyninckx, Professor at K.U.Leuven, Belgium
* Geert Uytterhoeven, Sony NSCE, Belgium
* Karim Yaghmour, Opersys, Canada
* Peter De Schrijver (P2), Mind, Belgium
* Russell King (RMK), ARM Linux Kernel Engineer, Deep Blue Solutions Ltd

See you at Fosdem,


| Philippe De Swert 
| Stag developer http://stag.mind.be/
| Emdebian developer: http://www.emdebian.org
| Please do not send me documents in a closed format.(*.doc,*.xls,*.ppt)
| Use the open alternatives. (*.pdf,*.ps,*.html,*.txt)
| Why? http://pallieter.is-a-geek.org:7832/~johan/word/english/   

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