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Re: SVG icons


isn't the actual underlying problem that the Debian Policy only accepts
XPM icons (and lintian with it)? I don't know the background of this
decision, but could imagine:
- broad acceptance (aside from GNOME and KDE), PNG should be fine on this
one, SVG not yet.
- text oriented format: SVG OK, PNG not.
- free: SVG and PNG OK.

To summarize, I think recommending SVG would require a change to the policy.

Cheers, Eric

> Le mardi 07 décembre 2004 à 23:51 -0500, James A. Treacy a écrit :
>> SVG use is increasing and I have seen nothing in Debian about how they
>> should be handled. So,
> I don't think that's much different from PNG icons.
>> What is the proper way to handle svg icons?
>> For example, where should they be placed?
> GNOME places them under /usr/share/icons/$THEME/scalable.
>> How well are they supported?
> Support is increasing; but at least all GTK+ stuff supports them,
> including as toolbar icons, provided that librsvg2-common is installed.
>> Should a non-svg icon also be included?
> Not necessarily.
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