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Re: Bug#283578: ITP: hot-babe -- erotic graphical system activity monitor

> Give me *one* authoritative definition of pornography that applies to
> this picture. Until you give me one, I'll consider all the ones I've
> seen so far to be the accurate ones, and none of them say these pictures
> are pornography.

It's been said that pornography is other people's erotism.
Pornography is what is forbidden to show/do in public, and its definition may 
vary from one country to another or according to context.
For instance you surely would be titilliated by hot-babe if you had been grown 
in an conservative environnement, whether sikh, wasp or inquisitorist.

However, I see two kind of pronography : 

-the one whose purpose is only to show a material condemned by law, in order 
to satisfy the frustrations that prohibitive laws generate. It is by nature 
commercial and illegal (or the law may build a niche for it to exist).

-the one that is solely comdemned by law because it shows what one musn't 
show, but its first purpose was not to show a condemned material, the 
transgression is accidental.

To protect the latter kind is to protect the freedom of knowledge.

Be  kind, cc: me :-)

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