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Re: Bug#283578: ITP: hot-babe -- erotic graphical system activity monitor

On Sun, 5 Dec 2004 15:49:08 -0500, William Ballard <nospam_40811@alltel.net> said: 

> On Sun, Dec 05, 2004 at 06:28:14PM -0200, Henrique de Moraes Holschuh wrote:
>> might want, and put it on non-us since it is illegal to distribute
>> such things in the USA (and unlike the possibility of offending
>> people's sensibilities, THIS is a real issue as things stand).
>> While at it, we

> They have had quite a few major busts of child pornographers in
> Europe and also Asia.  Europe doesn't tolerate *everything*.

	Kinda irrelevant. I don't see them shutting down the Louvre.

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I mess things up."
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