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second appeal for libtiff testers

A new version of libtiff, version 3.7.0 + CVS (more like an alpha of
3.7.1, expected soon) has been uploaded to experimental.  i386 and
powerpc packages are available.  (Many thanks to Giuseppe Sacco for
sponsoring this upload and building the packages.)  This version is
expected to be binary compatible with the current libtiff4 package in
sid and sarge and should be safe to just install and test.  I have
done a fair amount of testing myself and have found no problems with
this version.  If a few people, particularly maintainers of packages
that depend upon libtiff, can test this, perhaps we can put 3.7.1 into
sarge when it comes out.  The 3.7 series has many bug fixes over
3.6.1, which is the version currently in sid/sarge.

If you find any problems, please report them through the BTS (of
course).  I would be grateful if you could send me a personal email
message if you try 3.7.0 and it works well for you.

Jay Berkenbilt <ejb@ql.org>

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