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OT: appealing to the puritan interest [was Re: Bug#283578: ITP: hot-babe -- erotic graphical system activitymonitor]

> You can't distribute text with the word "fuck" in it anywhere to minors in the 
> US?
> Truly remarkable. Are there any minors reading this? Where do I hand myself 
> in?

Well, you would need to check the penal codes of each individual state
wherein such a minor resides; some states will allow you to write "fuck"
to a minor as long as the work in question does not lack "serious
literary, artistic, political and scientific value for minors."  Some
states will give you a pass because the "fuck" is electronic and not
tangible.  Were you to have transmitted the "fuck" from another state,
you would also be guilty of interstate trafficking in material harmful
to minors, so you could be prosecuted by the Federal government as well
as whichever state you manage to find willing to prosecute you.  I don't
know how this applies to offenders from the UK.


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