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Re: Bug#283578: ITP: hot-babe -- erotic graphical system activity monitor

Ron Johnson, on 2004-12-02, 02:35, you wrote:
> Ok, let's look at case law:

Yeah, non-us take two, now! Since US law does not affect other countries
(at least until now, thank God) let's put such stuff into non-us. This server 
(I'd be happy to sponsor hardware and bandwith) could then be blocked by 
this homeland security ministry thingy so that noone could be subject to 
offense by painted naked women (errm, what's wrong with that anyway?). 
On the other hand, we in Germany have very effective measures against 
distributing Debian CD to minors (although German kids do know how naked 
women look like): those 30 tetris games in Debian have not been evaluated 
for being suitable for minors. Should I mass-file bugs to remove all tetris 
games from Debian now? No, definitely not.

Maybe we should add some more fields to our Packages files. Something

Package: hot-babe
German-Min-Age: 16
Suitable-For-US-Kids: no
Offensive-For-$RELIGION: yes

Apt-get could then decide whether to install a package or not. 
"apt-get attorney" could advise users which packages are legally
installable depending on their location, age, religion and their
affiliation with Weight Watchers.

Use Debian to promote free software. For anything else, talk to your
representatives to create respective laws. Then decide, freedom or
censorship? Telling your kids what's right and what's wrong or just
hiding that what you believe is wrong from them? Let silly US laws
affect the whole world?


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