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Re: Bug#283578: ITP: hot-babe -- erotic graphical system activitymonitor

On 02/12/2004 Brian May wrote:
> This is different from the Bible - if you find the bible offensive you
> don't have to install it.
> If you don't want your kids to install nude pictures, they might find
> it on a source you hadn't anticipated (a Debian CD of all things) and
> install it without your permission.

i think that the problem is more general.

offensive criticism in general should be 'free', as long as people are
criticised or even discriminated for something they choosed on they own.

in other words for their opinion, ideology, religion (in most cases),
political point of view, ethical convictions etc.

but people should never be criticised or even discriminated for their
skin color, origin, gender, ...

if you do this, you limit the freedom of those people without giving
them a choice whether to accept or defend this. and thus, you dissent
the idea of 'freedom of speech'.

that's just an idea on how to legitimate stuff that may be offensive for
some people, like religious stuff, but deny sexist, racist, <your choice
of discriminating> stuff.


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