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Re: Bug#283717: hasciicam: enhance Description

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hi Wouter,

first thanks for your explanation, a bit more exhaustive, as well to
Christian for his link to the GFDL debate (from another mail).

of course i intend to release software free as of speech, so i am
evaluating the possibility to remove the invariant sections for your
Sarge release (even if the codename sounds a bit too militarised for my

to take this decision, i would really like to know what is the FSF
position on the GFDL issue, wether that differs from the Debian policy
or not.

consider that i didn't knew all this at all!

in fact i was sarcastic when i named the GFDL invariant section, but
here i see more and more that jokes are really not aloud here ;)
well i just intended to slow down the arrogance of arguments being
thrown at me, still obtaining the inverse effect.

anyway it's really not my intention to step over your interpretation of
software freedom for such a small detail.

well, thanks for taking it easy.

and a suggestion: what about including a header or a brief explanation
on top of the bugs mailed to upstream authors, to specify that they
might not reflect the decisions nor the intentions of Debian developers?
if i would have known that beforehand i would have been way less alarmed
by lamer-Dan ;)


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