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Re: Simultaneous loading of e100 and eepro100 by hotplug

On Dec 01, Mike Hommey <mh@glandium.org> wrote:

> The problem is the following: is the e100 driver available in all kernel
> flavours/versions ?
> If yes, then it is safe to blacklist it in hotplug directly.
But it's still not obvious that it's desirable: I hate that when someone
compiles his own kernel with some blacklist driver he has to remove it
from the blacklist to have it work. It would be much better if all
binary kernel packages blacklisted the drivers that need to be
blacklisted by default.

> First, how to cleanly handle the fact that several kernel packages want
> to set the blacklist ? But that issue can be solved, it's not really a
> problem.
This is not a problem (/etc/hotplug/blacklist.d/kernel-image-n.n.n-m).

> Second, let's say we have kernel x and kernel y installed on the host,
> and x doesn't have e100, while y has it. The kernel package y blacklists
> eepro100, well then, we have the problem that we can't boot on kernel x
> and have eepro100 loaded...
This cannot be solved easily.

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Marco | [9524 opfbu80iartn.]

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