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Re: Bug#283578: ITP: hot-babe -- erotic graphical system activity monitor

Hi again,

perhaps to bring down the conversation to something more constructive, I think we should base decision to have something or not in Debian:
1. _NOT_ on personal belief (else we would probably end with nothing).
2. _NOT_ on local laws (same comment).
3. does it have some "technical" interest? (technical documentation is OK, technical tool to show/use the Bible is OK, Bible in HTML format is probably _not_ OK, Gutenberg can do it better).
4. does it respect basic democratic values?
5. does it respect other people's belief and personallity?

Personally, I find Bellamy's pictures quite artistic and not aggressive, but I would say, Women on the list should decide on this one (criteria 5).

Cheers, Eric

Gewalt ist die letzte Zuflucht der Inkompetenz.
    Violence is the Last Resort of the Incompetent.
        Gwalt jest ostatnem schronieniem niekompetencji.
            La violence est le dernier refuge de l'incompetence.
    ~ Isaac Asimov

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