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Re: Finding an improved release process.

El Domingo 28 Noviembre 2004 02:17, Adam Heath escribió:
> You should also look at the size of each release.  They all have more and
> more packages.
> I'm willing to bet that the time taken to release is proportional to the
> size of the distribution.  Ie, debian isn't getting slower, debian is
> getting bigger.

Yes, we have more packages now, but we also have more developers to deal with 
them. And we always have a big pool of people that wish to become DD, so man 
power is not the problem, in my opinion.

After Sarge is realeased, we really need to think in what are we doing wrong, 
and arrange a more effective way (after a serius analysis). We can't continue 
with the current trend, I think is not acceptable.

 César Martínez Izquierdo

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