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Re: Bug#282742: Move daily find run later

On 2004-11-24 Martin Schulze <joey@infodrom.org> wrote:
> Package: findutils
> On one machine I'm running a bit low on disk space in /var (this
> morning less than 40 MB were free) but it has some large (and filled)
> disks attached.  This morning it seems that during the sort run of the
> daily find run /var ran full as /tmp is placed on it.

> It would be nice if the daily find run could be moved behind the
> logrotate and sysklogd runs (maybe as zz_find) so that log files which
> could grew quite large were already compressed.
> Alternatively, I could move the sysklogd script to 00_sysklogd which
> would leave logrotate (hmm, and the apache compress & rotate mechanism).
> PS: I wonder if for similar reasons the directory should be id
> based entirely.

I do not have any strong feelings about this. - If people think it to
be the smart thing to do I can change it. However as the respective
file is a dpkg-conffile it will be a PITA (I would mv
/etc/cron.daily/find /etc/cron.daily/zz_find in preinst on upgrades)
and I do not want to repeat the exercise.

Therefore I am asking for more comments on -devel /before/
implementing any actions.
           thanks, cu andreas
PS: Please respect Mail-Followup-To. - Thanks
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