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ITP: kernel-patch-bootsplash -- Kernel patch to display a

Hi there,

sorry to bother you but I have no idea how to contact. Maybe you can help me
because you wrote the debian page about building debian packages.
I am interessted in one package (kernel-patch-bootsplash -- Kernel patch to
display a graphical boot splash-screen).
Its on the following list: http://www.debian.de/devel/wnpp/prospective.
I contacted the guy who uploaded the package but did not get a response yet.
Another guy tried to contact him as well in July 2004 it seems.

How do I find the responsible person for this package? I would like to help
if help is needed, because I like this feature very much.
Is there a way to find out if someone is still working on this and is it
possible to work on it as well? If not I'll just do it for my own machine
but I though some other ppl would like this feature as well ;-)


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Hello Stephan,

I am searching for the person who is responsible for this kernel-patch-add
on for Debian. Because I'd like this feature as a nice add on to debian
(this was the only thing i liked on suse, though) I'd like to help you in
case help is needed.
Please drop a line if you are not the right person, because the last time I
got the wrong person (Sorry Mike ;-)) as seen below.
Thx for help.


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From: Mike Hommey <mh@glandium.org>
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Subject: Re: ITP: kernel-patch-bootsplash -- Kernel patch to display a
graphical boot splash-screen

On Thu, Nov 25, 2004 at 01:03:13PM +0100, Thomas Albrecht wrote:
> Hi there,
> I was just wondering if someone is still working on this package? As I am
> going to install this on my own system I'd like a debian package so my
> dpkg-tool won't get messed up.
> Is there a way I can help (in case help is needed) getting this package
> wishlist to production? I feel that debian lacks some nice grafical stuff
> for an eye-candy look (like suse has, but suse I dont like).
> I have no idea about the debian development process for packages yet, but
> do have enough programming experience I think. If someone could introduce
> somehow into this process I'd like to help. 560+ days in work sounds like
> long time... ;-)

If I recall correctly, somebody uploaded a package on
mentors.debian.net, you should try there. And I'd suggest you to contact
this guy if you ever find the package, to remind him that it could be a
nice add-on to debian ;)



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