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Re: deselect survey

Ben Burton wrote on 25/11/2004 03:34:

Sure, which is why I refer to users as opposed to developers :)  With
dselect you at least get the recommended behaviour by default.

Oh, and having said that, I should add that I as a developer also use
dselect as my package management tool of choice, and that I generally
install all recommends unless I have a very good reason not to.
Recommends are generally not made frivolously (or at least they're not
supposed to be).

Well, why does each kernel-image package (at least those built by make-kpkg) recommend the corresponding kernel-source and kernel-doc packages? A "normal" user doesn't need either of them. Only somebody who compiles software himself might(!) need the kernel-source package (some more might need the kernel-headers package). Only very few people will need the kernel-doc package.

Oh well, one of the reasons I mostly use apt-get for package handling and apt-cache for searching/browsing and stuff. But never the less, my entry to this survey would be [2] I used dselect two weeks ago. And I do prefer dselect over aptitude and/or synaptic, mainly because I really like it's interface better.


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