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Re: New method for Packages/Sources file updates

Goswin writes:
>The date sorted Packages file and the removal file on the other hand
>are very easy to generate (possibly by katie itself) and only need a
>few extra K for the removals. It is also about twice as efficient
>since removals of packages are mostly implicit (and complete removals
>only use the package name).

I covered exactly this suggestion in my blog a while back[1,2] and
spoke to James and Colin and others about it then. There are issues
with it, though. Th existing infrastructure doesn't contain the needed
information in a useful format (e.g. the date a package first entered
testing). After some discussion I was convinced that the diff method
_is_ better; it just needs implementing. I've been busy and haven't
looked any further since, much to my shame...

[1] http://blog.einval.com/2004/08/08#packages-files
[2] http://blog.einval.com/2004/08/19#packages-files2

Steve McIntyre, Cambridge, UK.                                steve@einval.com
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