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Re: Question about maintaining the unofficial/parallel apache-lingerd package.

Hello there.

If some of you here have the time for it, apache-lingerd is ready for
tests :)

I've packaged apache-lingerd in a new way :

    - apache-lingerd is still compiled in the apache way, with being a
      new flavour (so no changes here).
    - apache-lingerd now depends on apache-common-lingerd.
    - apache-common-lingerd provides default conf for apache-lingerd and
      dpkg-diverts /usr/sbin/apache-modconf from apache-common.

This way, you can have both apache-lingerd and apache on the same box
and maintaining the apache-lingerd sources against the official apache
one becomes easier for me.

The numbering is similar to the apache's one.

BTW, I've added a manpage for lingerd and that makes the apache-lingerd
package lintian valid ;)

I've test with success the package on two boxes but will be very
interesting in hearing your reports. 


Note that, if don't know, apache-lingerd is available on my repo, see
http://www.sukria.net/packages/apache-lingerd/ for details.

Alexis Sukrieh <sukria@sukria.net>
    * Another Linux Debian Geek Enthusiast
    * http://www.sukria.net
    * http://www.debian.org - Just for code.

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