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Debmirror - problem


from time to time (about 1-2 time in three month) debmirror fails with
the following error:


$ /usr/bin/debmirror -v /tmp/debian --arch=i386 --host=debian.tu-bs.de --nosource --getcontents --dist=testing Mirroring to /home1/ftp/pub/debian/debian from ftp://anonymous:debian.tu-bs.de//debian/
Arches: i386
Dists: testing
Sections: main,contrib,non-free,main/debian-installer
Attempting to get lock, this might take 2 minutes before it fails.
Get Release files.
[0%] Getting: dists/testing/Release
[0%] Getting: dists/testing/Release.gpgWon't mirror without dists/testing/main/binary-i386/Packages.gz signature in Release at /usr/bin/debmirror line 1094.
releasing 1 pending lock... at /usr/lib/perl5/LockFile/Simple.pm line 182.

Get Packages and Sources files and other miscellany.


The target directory does not contain a single file:

$ ls -aR /tmp/debian
.  ..  dists  .temp

.  ..  testing

.  ..  main

.  ..  binary-i386

.  ..

.  ..  dists

.  ..  testing

.  ..  main

.  ..  binary-i386

.  ..

When asking Google for this problem the question is often asked but never
answered precisely.  It is a little bit hard to file a bug report because
it might be a cooincidence with several other things.  At least I tried
four different Debian mirrors as --host argument to make sure that the
source host is not the problem.

Any idea?

Kind regards



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