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Re: many .pc files in wrong package / mass bugfiling?

Rene Engelhard <rene@debian.org> writes:

> Many packages are buggy and include the .pc file in the main package (not the 
> -dev).
> Mass bugfiling with allowed? Which severity?
> A quick apt-file search on sarge/i386 shows:
> $ apt-file search \.pc | grep pc$ | grep pkgconfig | grep -v dev


> gnopernicus: usr/lib/pkgconfig/gnopernicus-1.0.pc

Gnopernicus has no -dev package at all, but it still installs some libraries
with .pc files.  I'd rather not split it up in several packages, since
for now it seems quite unlikely that someone really has to link against
the library without having the main package installed.

All in all, please none such bug for gnopernicus, i'd just close it again.


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