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Re: Request For Comments: Cycleroot-ng

On Mon, 15 Nov 2004, [ISO-8859-1] Salva Peiró wrote:

I've built a `little` bash script (its size is 29Kb) that controls/manages
background images, it's easily configurable for any of the existing
window-managers and I've included many features.
Because the idea to publish this here was mine I'd like to add something:
It is a really nice script you wrote and it is very usable in connection
to background images like I'm providing at


I'd suggest to continue with the name cycleroot because the '-ng' appendix
sounds a little bit strange if there is no well known project cycleroot
(and I wouldn't really call my little script I worte years ago in connection
to my background images a "project".

I've been using it extensively and now I think that it will be a good
idea to make it available for public use. So I wanted to know if any
of the existing Debian  projects about window-managers (as Debian
Desktop for example) would
be interested in this package, or what do you think about.

I have read about the docs available at debian-devel about package-building, and
I think it will be easy for me to build a debian-package.
I'd offer to sponsor such kind of package if there wouldn't be any better
solution (which might be integration into a package were it fits into
nicely) which would be the preferred solution from my point of view.

Thanks for your efforts



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