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Re: any comments on diagram?

Kevin Mark wrote:
> Hi DD folks,
> i made a diagram in xfig of what I think is the debian development
> model. Could folks give me a few comments on what's not correct.
> http://kmark.home.pipeline.com/debian.png

Oh dear!

Several remarks:

 . user serif-less fonts
 . there is no path from volatile to stable
 . there is no path from volatile to proposed-updates
 . the path from proposed-updates to stable is by SRM (stable RM)
 . the path from testing-proposed-updates by RM is missing
 . the automatic path from security to proposed-updates is missing
 . I have no idea why Libraries is different from stable
 . I have no idea what the bugfixes patch  from foo to debian-source
   is mean to explain
 . some arrows are not horizontally/vertically aligned as they should
 . there may be missing an arrow from securityteam.deb to unstable (in
   case the maintainer doesn't respond)



Testing? What's that? If it compiles, it is good, if it boots up, it is perfect.

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