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Re: Bug#280675: ITP: l2tpns

* Jonathan McDowell (noodles@earth.li) [041112 15:10]:
> On Wed, Nov 10, 2004 at 10:34:04PM +0000, Jonathan McDowell wrote:
> > * Package name    : l2tpns
> >   Version         : 2.0.5
> >   Upstream Author : David Parrish and others <l2tpns-devel@lists.sourceforge.net>
> > * URL             : http://l2tpns.sf.net/
> > * License         : GPL
> >   Description     : L2TP LNS which does not require l2tpd, pppd or any kernel patches.
> > 
> >    L2TPNS is half of a complete L2TP implementation. It supports only
> >    the LNS side of the connection.
> > 
> >    L2TP (Layer 2 Tunneling Protocol) is designed to allow any layer 2 protocol
> >    (e.g. Ethernet, PPP) to be tunneled over an IP connection. L2TPNS implements
> >    PPP over L2TP only.
> > 
> >    Also supports ISP features like speed throttling, walled garden, usage
> >    accounting, and more.

> Please stop following up to this ITP and telling me you don't understand
> the description unless you have prior experience of L2TP in an ISP
> environment. If you don't know what L2TP is or how an LNS fits into the
> picture, then this package probably isn't for you. I don't believe any
> of the terms used should be alien to the sort of person this package
> will be of use to.

Frankly speaking, the description should make sense for people who
_don't_ have a clue about the topic - and even if only telling them that
they should ignore the package.

So, perhaps add something like
  L2TPNS is the implementation of the internet services provider (ISP)
  side of L2TP, i.e. it supports LNS. If you are not an ISP, you won't
  need it.

For some more ideas, please see

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