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Re: Bug#280435: ITP: libkexif -- KDE library to read/edit EXIF informations

On Wednesday 10 November 2004 13:03, Hamish Moffatt wrote:
> On Wed, Nov 10, 2004 at 07:15:18PM +1100, Ben Burton wrote:
> > > > Libkexif is a KDE library for manipulating EXIF information embedded in
> > > > images. It currently supports viewing of all EXIF information via
> > > > libexif. It also supports the modification of a few attributes in a save
> > > > way that preserves all other EXIF information in the file. It can
> > > > currently modify the following tags:
> > > 
> > > Given that it sounds like it's non-graphical, what does it do that
> > > libexif doesn't, and why does KDE need its own EXIF library?
> > 
> > Because it is graphical (says me after taking a lightning look in the
> > upstream CVS).  And moreover it makes use of the regular libexif, as
> > Achim's description points out.
> OK. (The description didn't mention that it was graphical.)

Mhmm... isn't KDE library enough?  I would never that something
with KDE in it's descriptions has widgets in it.  Right, that's
only me.  I'll check header files and add ... graphical
library...' or '...widget and helper library...' as appropiate.
Thx for the suggestion.
> libexif already has some widgets I see. Pity that libkexif couldn't be
> one more:

Pardon? The -gtk and -ruby are extentions/'wrappers' and from different
sources. Ditto for libkexif (beside not be named libexif-kde3).
> libexif-dev - The EXIF library allows you to parse an EXIF file
> (development files)
> libexif-gtk-dev - Library providing GTK+ widgets to display/edit EXIF
> tags (development files)
> libexif-gtk4 - Library providing GTK+ widgets to display/edit EXIF tags
> libexif-ruby - EXIF tag parsing Library for ruby (dummy package)
> libexif-ruby1.6 - EXIF tag parsing Library for ruby1.6
> libexif-ruby1.8 - EXIF tag parsing Library for ruby1.8
> libexif10 - The EXIF library allows you to parse an EXIF file

pkg libexif-gtk include a library libexif-gtk.   On the other hand
pkp libkexif0 contains libkexif0.   So it's consistent from upstream
naming point of view.  It's out of my hands that upsteam didn't use
libexif-kde3 as it's name.

Do you propose to use pkg name libexif-kde3-0 with library libkexif0

> Hamish
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