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Re: How to promote Linux: make schools migrate! (Agenda)

Am Samstag, 15. Mai 2004 04:40 schrieb Timothy Demulder:
> I didn't find that in your mail, but all this is just IMHO.
> I'm absolutly no teacher btw, just another geek helping an elementary
> school.

Hi Timothy again,

how's your work proceeded, meanwhile?
Thanks again for your valuable comments, I think it is really important 
to tell pupils, it is not "Linux" to blame when, say, KDE's kicker 
crashes. [No, don't start defending - I am talking bout KDE 2.x :) ]

BTW: Connected to this thread, there was some "Linux New Media Award" 
for a debian based Linux distro called "Skolelinux" that specializes to 
schools' needs AFAIK. 

Educational Debian packages named preinstalled are gcompris, kmplot, 
tuxtype, kgeo, ... 

So, apparantly, there are already many developers thinking of the 
generation to follow - which is just great :)


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