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Re: Compiling in SELinux in the default kernels


Manoj Srivastava [2004-11-05  1:39 -0600]:
>         I would once again like to bring up the possibility of
>  compiling in support for SELinux in 2.6.9+  kernels, but leaving them
>  disabled by default at boot time.
> [...]
> 	I think this would be really helpful to our users, since then
>  they can chose to try out SELinux by just adding a stanza to grub or
>  lilo -- try things out in non-enforcing mode, for instance. 

I fully support this, however, SELinux seems to be a quite intrusive
story. As opposed to grsecurity/LIDS/RSBAC/etc. I think it needs a
bunch of patched system packages to work properly. 

I did not thoroughly check this recently, but I don't think that all
patches went in the default distribution already. Just look at
#227972, an outstanding RC bug with no reply, open for nearly 300 days

So in addition to providing kernel support, it would be great to also
ship the necessary user space stuff in Debian proper. Then we could
label ourselves as "SELinux support out of the box", which would be
really a good asset. :-)

Have a nice day,


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