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Re: Apt-Torrent project

Mike Furr a écrit :
This would probably help as long as you didn't abuse super-seeding. One solution may be to only super seed those packages which are smaller than some threshold and are also in base or have a priority > standard(or something). Like most things, the distribution of popular packages appears to have a zipf distribution(at least, according to popcon), so you could also gain efficiency by exploiting this data.

That's interesting. At the moment I'm "super-seeding" everything since my tracker/seeder is running on my own home ADSL connection which is too slow to run a server even for testing purposes.


Well, I wouldn't edit the Packages.gz file directly since it will no longer match the hash in the Release file, I would have this in a separate file, if at all.

Mmmm yes, or use two different lines in the sources.list file. One to apt-torrent and one regular.

I look forward to trying apt-torrent and hope that it works out well. Since it appears that you are not a debian developer, are you looking for someone to package/sponsor this?

That would be very nice.

I've already packaged my program (only for unstable):

Well, I'm a sponsored maintainer (packages gnunet and libextractor). My sponsor is Glenn McGrath (bug1@debian.org). I'm also in the applying Q to be DD.
I don't know if we can have multiple sponsors :D ?


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