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Re: open office help

On Mon November 1 2004 4:18 pm, Raghuveer wrote:
> Hello,
>    We are using progress as programming langauge and open office for
> reports purpose. I wanted to know does open office supports DDE (Dynamic
> data exchange) ?. Is there any other way we can write from progress to open
> office. Are do we need to use any other programming langauge (C++ / Java )
> and pass data to c++/java and then write to open office. This seems to be
> complicated method. Please suggest alternative for this. Thanks for your
> help.

There are perl modules on CPAN which will allow you to do so.
OpenOffice::OODoc will allow you to do so.

One can even use C/C++/Java to write out into required XML format for OO.


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