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Re: d-i using kexec

I demand that Justin Pryzby may or may not have written...

> Has anybody ever considered the possibility of a 0-reboot installation?

> It seems that this should be possible with (or without?) kexec.

> I think the reason the installer presently reboots is to load the *real*
> kernel (which will be used during normal runtime) rather than the installer
> kernel.

> Rebooting also allows the boot process as a whole to get tested ("Did the
> MBR get written correctly?").

> Are there other reasons?

WRT Acorn and compatible hardware...

In the absence of r/w support for ADFS (is it absent in the install kernel
for ARM? I've not checked), it'd be needed to allow the installed kernel to
be copied into the boot partition and to give the admin a chance to edit the
loader script. In the presence of said r/w support, you'll _definitely_ want
/dev/hda1 to be mounted as /boot if you want to do this from Linux.

In the MBR, there's no loader program to worry about ;-)

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