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Re: Debian installer and non-official drivers

Cajus Pollmeier wrote:
> Just one question. Lets say I'd put some extra driver modules for hardware
> not officially supported by the debian installer on a floppy disk (in form of 
> an  a .udeb) and let the installer load this file during the installation in 
> order to detect the additional hardware.
> Would this udeb get installed into my target system later on? If this 
> additional driver is needed for i.e. disk access, it should be placed in
> the initrd when the target kernel gets installed.

It would not. You can however include a udeb on your floppy that
installs a prebaseconfig hook script which would run after the base
system is installed, or a base-installer hook script which would run
just before base is installed (or perhaps both), and at that point do
one of these things, in approximate order of difficulty and inverse
order of cleanliness and desirability:

  a. copy the module into /target from the d-i system
  b. install a .deb of the module into /target from the floppy
  c. add something to sources.list for the apt repository you should have
     that contains the .deb, and then use apt-install to get it installed

see shy jo

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