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Re: an idea for next generation APT archive caching

On Wed, 2004-10-20 at 11:11, martin f krafft wrote:
> 1. apt-proxy:
>   While I love the concept of apt-proxy, it works very unreliably.
>   Frequently, the proxy fails to download the package or imposes
>   very long delays (#272217, and others).

This seems to be the result of a patch that fixed one problem and caused
another.  You can work around it for now by using this in the config


>   If it does work, it's a performance hog. On my Opteron 3600+, my
>   mouse starts to go jaggy when more than one machine accesses the
>   cache at the same time.

Yes, this needs looking into.  If you actually have some time on your
hands to do this sort of thing, I'd encourage you to look at apt-proxy
seriously.  It hasn't had the loving attention it needs since ranty
died, although Otavio has been fixing some of the problems recently.

There have been quite a lot of attempts to make a better apt-proxy, but
almost always the authors discovered the problem is rather difficult to 
get right, especially when you start worrying about streaming while
downloading, multiple clients downloading simultaneously and cache
cleaning algorithms.  Based on previous attempts, I'd advise you not to
underestimate the task.  Is apt-proxy really so broken that the only way
to make something better is to rewrite the whole thing from scratch?


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