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Re: RFC: common database policy/infrastracture

another update for those interested:


deb http://people.debian.org/~seanius/policy/examples/ ./
deb-src http://people.debian.org/~seanius/policy/examples/ ./

i've incorporated many of the changes discussed in the related
d-d threads into the document, as well as into the database-common
skeleton package.

i've also added a section to the online document for a proposed
installation/removal process, which outlines in much more detail
the process of configuring/installing/upgrading/removing
databases.  input is very much appreciated for this, as it will
be the foundation for the rest of the code.

> what's lacking:
> - the blocks of code for the .*config, .*inst and .*rm files, which
>   could be provided in a set of wrapper scripts to be sourced by the
>   individual packages.
> - possibly a debhelper-like package to automatically add these blocks
>   of code 

still needs to be done, though i think it's better if we can settle
on what exactly we want it to do before we go and do it.

> - a demonstration package using this

i'm about half way done with a proof of concept source package
that will generate a generic, mysql, and postgresql version of
an example database application to test this stuff out.

> - further amendments to the "best practices" document based on developer
>   feedback.

still accepting input!

> - templates for pgsql and other database setups (currently only some
>   common templates and the mysql-centric ones)

thanks to oliver for the postgre stuff.

> - translations

probably better to wait until the questions solidify themselves
before we ask for help with this.



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