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Re: Right Way to make a configuration package

Am Monday 18 October 2004 02:01 schrieb Enrico Zini:

> One problem with diversion could also be that the original package's
> scripts won't probably edit the diverted conffile, but would probably
> edit the file in the traditional place instead.

Same would be the case for admins and users, and their scripts,  tools and 
utilities, right? Having only one authoritative config place is probably less 
prone to confusion.

> > I suspect the only sensible way to do this is to implement multilevel
> > configuration files in all applications we want to configure at
> > install time.

Multilevel config files would sure be nice, where the apps don't support them 
it might be sufficient to provide only multilevel *defaults*. Multilevel as 
application defaults, package defaults, system defaults (CDDs) and possibly 
admin defaults. That should be possible with any type of app configuration. 
Eeach level of authority could optionally provide a description of their 
defaults that are processed by a configuration helper as CFG that is designed 
to never interfere with user settings as described at 

Quickly brainstorming this, customizing a running system to a template (a CDD) 
could be a two step process of copying in the meta info and then 
interactively or not "resetting" to the new defaults. In new installations 
the settings could automatically default to the customization if the meta 
data is present early enogh.

Kind Regards,

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