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Re: Sarge's source code

Re: ichinoh@mb.neweb.ne.jp in <[🔎] 45542EC6-1F88-11D9-945B-000A956B2316@mb.neweb.ne.jp>
> I have tried compile of QTOPIA using the MIPSEL version of debian 
> (woody).
> The version of gcc (g++) is 2.95.4-7.
> An unusual end is carried out, after displaying "Internal compiler 
> error",
> if make of the QTOPIA is carried out using this compiler.


please report bugs using the "reportbug" tool, this list is not the
right place for this.

> Please let me know from URL of what the source code of debian (sarge) 
> can be downloaded.

Try your next Debian mirror, e.g. http://ftp.jp.debian.org/debian/pool/.

You'll find the filename using "apt-cache".

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