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Re: Right Way to make a configuration package

  I think that you will find answers in debian-custom list. Adding it to
CC field.

El jue, 14-10-2004 a las 15:37 -0400, Mark Roach escribió:
> I am working on creating a package for UserLinux which will configure
> several packages with sensible defaults for an authentication server. At
> the moment, that means samba, slapd, pam and nss, but will also include
> heimdal later on.
> My naive question is: is there currently any mechanism for forcing the
> user to configure package x from within package y, and/or for
> reconfiguring one package based on reconfiguring another?
> ## warning, verbosity follows ##
> Perhaps I'm just approaching this the wrong way, so here is what I am
> doing (and where the problem comes in), and if anyone has a suggestion
> for a better approach, I would be happy to hear it.
> userlinux-auth-server depends on slapd, samba, libpam-ldap, and libnss-
> ldap.
> In the postinst, it gets the samba domain name, the dns domain name, and
> the ldap master password out of debconf, and populates the necessary
> entries.
> One problem is that the user may not necessarily have ever configured
> samba or slapd through debconf. This package needs that info, but it's
> not possible to dpkg-reconfigure a package from within the postinst of
> another package. So we would have to tell them to manually dpkg-
> reconfigure the dependancies and then reinstall, or gather the
> information ourselves, but then there is potentially conflicting info in
> debconf...
> Another similar problem is that the user may reconfigure samba-common or
> slapd at any point and obviously my package wouldn't know about it.
> So, my conclusion is that debconf is not particularly well suited to
> integrating several otherwise-unrelated packages and I am unsure whether
> working around the problem, or helping to improve debconf, or doing it
> some other way entirely is the better approach... thoughts?
> Thanks,
> Mark Roach
Jose Carlos Garcia Sogo

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