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Re: Transitioning to Mozilla Firefox 1.0PR

[Cc'ing to debian-devel. Maybe others want to comment on this. Firefox 1.0x is currently kept out of Sid/Sarge because most translations are not yet available. Therefore Sarge is likely to be released with Firefox 0.9.3]


the latest news from my upstream is, that they are not going to release a locale package for firefox 0.10 at all. They say they are going to release Firefox 10 RC1 instead which is due 18 October.

Now, I understand that many other locale packagers have similar probs. What does this mean? What is less unfortunate? Releasing Debian with a totally unsupported development release of firefox or dump the not-yet-updated locale packages instead?

Personally I'd rather have mozilla-firefox-locale-de removed from Sarge in order to get Firefox 1.0 in! The localization can still be installed through firefox' extension manager anyway.



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